You’ve Got To Move It Move It: Moving Ethically And Keeping Waste Off The Curb


This time of year is rife with moving waste. You know what we’re talking about. Leases are up, college students are moving elsewhere, and, in the process, you’ll see the all-too-familiar garbage collection curbside areas piled with waste.

Households in the United States have an average of 300,000 things in them. Are all of those things necessary? Nope. The trouble is, before people move, they’re content with them staying hidden in various junk drawers, boxes, etc. When it’s time to move, that’s when so many of those things are deemed unnecessary and promptly trashed.

Most of this moving waste is accumulated because of convenience. It was hard enough to find a new home and most new movers want to haul as little as possible with them. So, they leave things on the curb to be the garbage collector’s problem. Our moving company likes people to leave a place better than they found it and that includes minimizing waste. Here are some strategies that champion an environmentally friendly move.

Reusable containers
Sturdy storage containers are better for the earth and for your patience. They’re durable, keep your things safer, and don’t disintegrate with the whims of the weather. They store better and you will have them forever. Or at least longer than cardboard boxes will last.

Pack better
We’ve seen a lot of moves. You can drastically improve your space use by packing better. It doesn’t take much longer to find the appropriate room for things. It’ll conserve space, patience, and it’ll be easier to find things when you’re moved into your new spot. It’s high time you stopped packing like you’re switching dorms in undergrad.

Donate, sell, etc.
Sure you think your stuff is a bunch of junk and you want to get rid of it. Other people can use it. You even stand to make a bit of money if you feel like exerting the effort. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, yard sales, etc. are all great ways to get rid of some stuff and make a few bucks. Much better than throwing things out.

The way you move is in your power. We’re excited about this new chapter in your life. On the way, let’s work to keep where we’ve been as nice as where we’re going.

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