Why You Should Never Hire Yourself to Move

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Moving can be very stressful and exhausting. Local moving companies are there to alleviate your stress and prevent exhaustion by providing moving services at a very fair price. Moving can also be expensive, and one of the ways that people want to save money is to move all that heavy furniture and other oddly shaped items themselves rather than hire local movers for moving services.

In fact, of those who use moving companies, 44% are individuals and 38% are businesses. So that’s 56% of individuals and 62% of businesses that want to save a few dollars and do it themselves. But at what cost are you willing to pay to be the boss, eliminating local movers to do it yourself?

The cost could be a strained back, broken fingers and toes, cuts, bumps and bruises, or sprained ankles or knees. These are common injuries that occur when we decide to not hire a company for moving services and take it upon ourselves to move.

Maybe in our 20s we can bounce back from minor scrapes, aches, and pains. But as father time creeps in, that strained back can lead to a herniated disk and some serious time away from work as you recover from a moving injury.

We have come up with a list of a few common moving injuries. Hopefully, after you read the list, you will decide that it may be better to fall into that 44% and 38% category and hire professionals for moving services.

Strained Back. Sometimes we think we are superhuman and avoid using a dolly or other device to help us move that bulky sofa. Or, maybe our friend, sibling, or child is not strong enough to hold up their end of the sofa causing you to work harder. Which could lead to a pulled muscle or some other excruciating sharp pain that could cost you some serious bucks seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist.

Knee Injuries. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to tear your ACL or sprain a ligament in your knee. Lift something too heavy and slip — that could be catastrophic if you don’t take the proper safety measures when moving. To avoid back injuries, you are told to bend the knees, but how much weight can the knees take before they give out?

Broken Fingers and Toes. Your partner isn’t paying attention and drops an object on your foot. Or, you are moving and it is extremely hot and that oak table slips out of your hand and lands on your toes. Another example is that you are trying to move that table or desk around a tight corner and your fingers get smashed. Broken fingers and toes are not as severe as a major knee and back injury, but broken bones still hurt.

Cuts and Scrapes. Broken glass is pretty common when moving. Sometimes we may not wrap sharp or fragile objects properly and in the midst of moving, glass gets broken and other sharp items can be exposed during a move and cause serious cuts that could require stitches.

There are preventive steps that can be taken to avoid these injuries such as wearing proper clothing, using devices and wrapping objects in a way so that they don’t cause bodily harm. However, hiring a moving company near you would make moving easier. Leave it up to the professionals to ensure that all of your items are properly secured and moved from your old residence or business to your new one.

Professional moving companies are pros for a reason. They see all of the danger in moving heavy equipment and they know how to properly pack and wrap fragile items.

Peace of mind combined with a healthy body is priceless. We should leave it up to the professional moving services when it comes to relocating a home or business.

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