What Makes a Commercial Move Different Than Residential?

commercial moving company

One of the misconceptions that people have in regards to movers is that they can only help with long-distance movers. Movers can help you with moves of any distance. A recent study found that over 40% of all people moved less than 50 miles. And movers are not only there to help you with residential moves. Commercial movers can help you if your business is moving offices or buildings. Here are some of the differences between a commercial moving company and a residential one.

Removing and Transporting Electronic Equipment

A commercial moving company is equipped to handle a lot of electronic equipment. Businesses use a lot of electronic equipment, including multiple computers, copy machines, printers and fax machines. In addition to actually moving and transporting the equipment, some moving companies will help you power down and disconnect the equipment and then plug it in and power it up at your new location.

Lifting and Moving Heavy Office Furniture

Moving furniture can be a chore. Furniture is heavy. But, most business owners know that office furniture is even heavier than the furniture that you typically find at a home. Office furniture is designed to withstand more abuse and more wear and tear. As such, it needs to be made from more durable materials, and typically weighs more. A commercial moving company has the manpower or the furniture dollies that are needed to lift the heavy weight of office furniture.

Transporting Paper Goods

Businesses often have paper files. While more businesses are moving to electronic files, the number of paper files that are used is still pretty high. And each and every one of these papers is important to the business and/or to the customer. A commercial moving company has to take great care to correctly move these files, without losing or damaging any of the files or paperwork.

Both residential and commercial movers can help you when you are moving. But residential movers do not have the capability to help businesses when they need to move. This is where a commercial moving company comes into play. If you are looking to move your business, you need to hire this type of professional. This ensures the staff has the skills needed to move the elements that are unique to a business. If you are looking to move in the near future, call us for an estimate.