Top Unpacking Tips for First Time Movers


We all take a different approach when moving homes. However, there are tips that can help you unpack efficiently. To ensure that you remain excited as you unpack, here are some tips to fill you with a feeling of energy and opportunity.

Unpack Systemically

If you don’t follow a system as you are unpacking, you will soon find that the anticipation of moving into a new home will quickly turn into boredom and frustration. On average, households in the U.S. have 300,000 items in them, so you need to approach your unpacking in an orderly fashion. Once the movers have dumped everything at your new place, it will start dawning on you that the next few hours will require a lot of energy and hard work. However, if you approach the whole thing systemically, it won’t be as difficult as you imagine it to be.

If you want your unpacking process to be as smooth and straight as possible, first take note of what you are unpacking. Also, make sure you have an inventory list with you. You should keep a copy for yourself after giving one other copy to the movers. Things will also be much easier if you label your boxes properly. So take your boxes to their respective rooms and examine them before you start emptying everything out. If you unpack everything in its room, you will find the process to be a lot easier.

Which Room to Tackle First?

Once you have placed all the boxes in their respective rooms, it will be time to decide which room to attack first. Well, there is no one size fits all answer for this, so it depends on you. You must start with whatever room you think is more important. Ideally, write down a list of the rooms in order of unpacking priority. For instance, you might want to start with the bedrooms. Chances are you won’t finish packing in a single day, so you will need a clean place to sleep while you finish the other rooms.

Basic Tips for Unpacking

To unpack efficiently, you can apply some of these packing tips:

  • Plan each room first before unpacking and anticipate future needs.
  • Start with the essentials, such as your toothbrush and clothes you’ll wear the next day. This will help to eliminate the need of living out of boxes.
  • Make the space your own. You don’t want to wait too long before the place feels like home. So, hang a few pictures and take out your favorite items.
  • Leave your family members to unpack their own bedrooms. This allows everyone to participate in unpacking.

Don’t be in a rush to finish unpacking. Instead, after the movers are gone, take some time to enjoy your new space. If you follow the unpacking tips above, you will find the whole process to be more enjoyable.

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