Top 5 Advantages to Hiring a Moving Company

moving companies

We’re a country on the move. Over 60% of the population has moved to a new place at least once in their lifetimes and on average, we move about 12 times in our lives. It’s more common for the younger folk to be more active on this front — the average 30-year-old has moved around six times. However, old or young, experienced mover or inexperienced mover, the shared hated factor is that of actually moving. Packing up your stuff is one big pain, but actually hauling it out, packing it into the vehicle, and then unloading is the worst. But this is where moving companies come in. A surprising number of people — especially if you’re young and broke — don’t take advantage of movers the way they should. They can make your life substantially easier, whether you’re moving yourself, your family, or a whole business.

How Can Moving Companies Help Me? 

The advantages of hiring movers are almost innumerable. They’ll save you stress, time, and ensure that your items are safe from start to finish.


Though many people prefer to pack themselves for great control, some moving companies might also offer a “packing” option as well, which can be great for bigger, more valuable items — say a piano or large painting — that you’re not sure how to safely pack for transport. The company will have the right materials and equipment for the job. This can also be a useful option if you’re a business packing up to move to a new location.

Lower Risk 

The lower risk element is twofold. First, you have a lower risk of injuring yourself trying to move or lift something you shouldn’t be. Accidents can happen and you don’t want it happening while you’re on the bottom of the stairs, maneuvering a chest of drawers outside.

Secondly, your belongings are at less risk for being broken or mishandled. They’re in good hands — and insured — and with the right equipment and technique for the job, movers can ensure that your possessions move from Point A to Point B without a hitch.

Reduced Stress 

Moving is an exhausting process. You want to make this as easy as possible. Get rid of the physical stress by having movers come move your belongings out of the house or apartment, load up the moving van, and then unload it all at the new place!

Quicker Process 

Movers are also likely to be wildly more efficient (read: faster) than you are at moving your things. What might’ve taken you a full day or a whole afternoon might only take them a few hours. You can focus on settling into the new place and tackling unpacking — and what’s even better, you’ll have the energy to, since you won’t have been physically moving things all day!

Organization and Convenience 

Everything will be labeled and placed in the right room when you hire movers — no worrying about an unlabeled box or a missing box. Hiring moving companies overall is a massive convenience and make your life much easier during the process.

What Should I Look For in Moving Services? 

Local movers are usually your best bet — they’ll have a reputation in the area that you can easily find out and their travel time to you shouldn’t be too long. Personal recommendations and good reviews are two excellent places to start when looking at a moving company. They should also hold the right licenses and insurance and their rates should be transparent — read all the fine print and take note of any little asterisks!

Most moving services shouldn’t ask for a deposit — though there are exceptions — but if the deposit asked for is over 20%, be wary. Make sure you do your research and can verify their track record and customer satisfaction.

Make your move a little bit less stressful with the help of a reliable moving company. Moving has never been so easy!

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