Top 4 Reasons to Go With a Professional Commercial Moving Company

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Though moving a home can seem daunting, packing up a whole business can be even more of a headache for the person coordinating the move. Instead of managing just your own stuff, you’re also now managing multiple people’s belongings, furniture, files, and assorted sundries — and it’s likely on a tighter schedule than your own move might be. If you rent your workspace, then it’s even more likely that you’ll be facing a move. Over 30% of renters move annually and businesses might need to uproot depending on rent prices in their area. Consider contacting commercial moving companies to assist in the move — it will make an office relocation much easier and less stressful all around, especially if you’re moving lots of furniture or delicate office equipment! 

Planning an Office Move 

Likely, if you’re looking at moving companies, you’ve been the one tapped to coordinate the office move. A schedule with important dates is important, so you can see the big picture. When is your current lease up? When do you sign the new lease and when can you move in? When does the move need to be done by? 

You should also know your moving budget upfront and continue to refer to it as the move goes on to make sure that you’re staying within budget. Don’t be afraid to delegate, but make sure you have a master list of who is responsible for what and a strategy for checking in with them. 

Finding and hiring commercial moving services early is a good strategy — you’ll have that one key piece settled and locked in by the time you’re ready. It’s also a good idea to have people start looking at old files at this point — what doesn’t need to go to the new office? 

Clients, vendors, and customers should all be informed in advance of the move, as should your IT people, so they can set up the new infrastructure needed. Anything with your company address (letterhead, business cards, etc.,) should be scrapped and remade. 

How Can Commercial Moving Companies Help Me? 

Simply put, a moving company will make your life easier. And your colleagues will have less to worry about, knowing that their things are in the hands of professionals. But it’s not just that! Professional movers will know how to properly handle and move your belongings — from boxes of paperwork to more delicate technology. They’ll pack in a smart way, move, and transport everything in a secure manner. 

They might also come with special equipment that you wouldn’t have access to that can help move bulky or odd electronics or other office equipment. You and your colleagues don’t have to strain your backs or think up creative ways to get everything from Point A to Point B. 

And of course, a moving company will be all about process. They’ll have a timetable and take care of some of those smaller details that maybe you wouldn’t have even thought of! 

Where Can I Find Reliable Moving Companies? 

You should definitely look local — see if you can get any referrals, which is one of the best ways to find reliable movers. Contacts at other businesses might have recommendations or a colleague might have moved before with a particular business. 

Once you find a few companies to consider, you should make sure that they’re licensed and insured as well, with plenty of experience and happy customers. A lot of this background work you can find online. Good customer service is also important, and much of that can be gauged from what they have on their website and how things go when you call them to set up a consultation or initial appraisal. 

You should also ask about an initial quote and their proposed timetable, once they’ve seen what needs to be done, so you have that for comparison. 

If you’re moving your business, make everyone’s life easier and hire a commercial moving company. The money is well worth having the move go smoothly and safely.

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