Save Space, Eliminate Trips, And Stay Sane: Moving Hacks To Live By

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Americans, on average, move approximately 12 times in their life. That’s a hefty number of times to be hauling all your things from one place to another. Moving companies have seen the look on peoples’ faces when moving day comes and they realize their moving job is going to take multiple trips. It’s exhausting.

Space saving isn’t as easy as one would think. Honestly, it isn’t something many people think about until it comes time to move. That said, space conservation in transit stands to save moving time and assuage at least a little bit of the associated exhaustion.

These are just a few suggestions to tighten up your spatial sprawl in the moving truck. Start here and you’ll quickly come across other ways that make sense. Our moving company thinks it mostly boils down to slowing down and not packing hurriedly. Here’s what we’ve got for you to look out for.

Two-In-One Boxes
Clothes are soft, fragile things are not. Instead of using newspaper or packing peanuts to safely transport fragile items, try combining clothing with fragile items. A word of warning, this works wonderfully if you label the boxes as both “clothing” and “fragile”. Should you forget to label, a box of clothes with fragile items nestled within might not stand up to excessive bumps.

Moving companies everywhere have seen this: people putting their duffels, luggage, etc. in boxes to move them. Those things are literally meant to carry items, take advantage of them. Pack your bags like you’re going on a vacation. Even challenge yourself to see how much your luggage and bag collection can fit. But, please, don’t put empty bags in boxes. It’s just silly.

Small, lightweight things can be kept in dresser drawers in transit. Socks, intimates, linens, etc. won’t severely add weight to a dresser or armoire and you’ll conserve more room in boxes and bags that you do have available.

Now that you’ve found a new home, movers have all sorts of helpful tips on getting your belongings from the old house to the new one. We encourage you to start with this list and go from there. When in doubt, the professionals are just a phone call away and we’re happy to help.

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