Pre-Move Purging Tips For a More Efficient Office Move

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Anyone who has moved before knows that packing and relocating is a surprisingly stressful process. Moving an office, however, is an even bigger challenge. The average American home contains 300,000 items, but in an office with over 100 employees, the number of items that require relocation could be significantly greater. On top of that, you may have to contend with expensive electronic equipment and other pieces of office technology.

If you’re a business manager, purging unnecessary items and documents before your business moving day can make the whole process much simpler.

By following a few simple steps, any company can cut down inventory and documentation to expedite the moving process. For a more productive and efficient business moving process, try using the following three de-cluttering and purging tips:

1. Try Hosting an Office Purge Party

Unfortunately, office relocation can cut into valuable company time, decreasing overall productivity and possibly profits. To minimize the impact of business moving on company proceedings, try to contain the moving tasks within a certain time frame, like a two-hour company-wide event. Be sure to send out specific guidelines so that everyone knows what to clean, organize, and throw away. Instruct employees on how to recycle old electronics, clean furniture, and organize remaining items for better move preparedness. You could even sweeten the deal by making the purging event an in-office party with drinks and snacks.

2. Get Shredding

Chances are, your company has at least a drawer or two of old documents that need to be organized or thrown away. Delegate skimming and disposal tasks to team leaders if your company has a significant number of documents to sort through. Be sure to shred documents that might contain confidential or financial information to protect your business’s privacy.

3. Back Up Computer Files

Just as sorting and eliminating unnecessary paper documents will ease your moving stress, be sure to do the same for virtual files, too. Once you and your team has determined which virtual files need to be kept at your new location, ensure that those files are protected by backing them up. Save files to an external hard drive or flash drives to ensure your most important information survive the business moving process.

Take these steps to slim down your inventory without losing the essentials. Once you’ve purged your office of unnecessary furniture and documents, you’ll be ready to pack and relocate!

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