Packing Your Valuable Pieces

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Losing sight of your belongings in the moving process can be easy. Moving from state to state, signing new leases, settling paperwork, hiring a moving company, etc., can be a lot to manage. However, what you shouldn’t lose management of are your valuable items. While it’s important to take care of all of your belongings, some of these items are priceless, and you want to prioritize their safety. Here is what to consider when packing your valuable pieces.

Identifying Valuables

During the moving process, you may find it necessary to identify high-priority valuables. While they come in many shapes and sizes, their safety will matter no matter how big or small. Valuables could include everything from large art pieces to fragile jewelry. Make sure you create space for these costly or priceless items.

Creating Space

When packing, acknowledge how and where you place these items. Your local moving company will be able to help you situate your belongings perfectly. Different pieces will require different spaces, so it’s important to plan out their placement in the containers.

Utilizing Special Packaging

A couch and your bank statements aren’t going to be packed the same. With a quality local moving company, your valuable items will get the special packaging they need. Stretch wrap and furniture pads will ensure the safety of those priceless pieces.

Labeling and Documenting

One of the most important parts of staying organized during the moving process is labeling and documenting all of your boxes. Make sure you label important documents and other essential pieces for easy accessibility. Staying ahead of this process will make unpacking easier, giving you less to worry about in your new home.


No one looks forward to the unpacking process. When everything is settled, you may just want to rest. However, your valuables should take priority. According to Story House, it takes the average person roughly 182 days to completely unpack after a move. Even if you find yourself too exhausted, you should unpack high-priority items to ensure their safety in your new home.

Don’t underestimate the potential harms that could occur during the moving process. Be sure to hire an established local moving company for your next move. Keeping your valuables safe is a priority to us. At Deleware Moving & Storage, we pride ourselves on quality service in a timely manner. Call us or fill out the form on our website to get started today!