Moving Your Office? 4 Steps For Packing Electronics Safely

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When it comes to moving, you want your items to make it from your old home to your new home in one piece. Thanks to packing peanuts, “fragile” stickers, and the tender love and care of moving companies, your home’s belongings can make it from point A to point B intact.

Packing and moving your office supplies and electronics, however, is a somewhat trickier task. It’s upsetting when your own belongings break, but broken equipment can damage company profits and make the office relocation much more stressful.

Luckily, with patience and a few packing strategies, you can adjust your business moving efforts to protect company property. Whether you’re hauling copiers or computers, use these steps to make your office move simpler and safer:

Step 1: Check the Owner’s Manual

It may seem silly, but checking the owner’s manual for packing and storage tips can save your business time wasted with improper packing techniques. After all, the manufacturer likely knows more than you do about what a computer or device can handle. Aim to follow the user manual’s guidelines about outside temperature, moisture exposure, and sunlight exposure throughout each step of the business moving process.

Step 2: Back Up Your Data

Before you pull a single plug, double and triple check that all company data has been stored in the cloud or on an external hard drive. Few things would be more devastating than arriving at your new office and discovering that every bit of client information or company financial data has been lost in the move.

Step 3. Use Color Coding for Cable Organization

Next comes the fun part– packing equipment properly. In most cases, you’ll want to unplug cables from devices before transportation. To keep cables and equipment from being separated, use color-coding or a number system. A bit of organizational effort can ensure each device is not parted from its accessories.

Step 4. Wrap With Love

Protect screens and other delicate instruments with the proper filler material. Avoid using newspaper; scratchy print can damage screens and create a dusty, fan-clogging mess. Instead, use cloth or bubble wrap to protect equipment from rattles and bumps throughout the business moving journey.

While a large portion of moving company customers are individuals (44 %), 38% of moving company customers are also businesses. If you’re one of the many companies planning to relocate, be sure to protect your essential electronic equipment along the way. Refer to the user manual and these tips for swifter, simpler, and safer electronic transportation during your business move.

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