Moving During COVID-19: Safety Tips to Remember

We’re living in a very different world than we were just a few months ago. But while many aspects of daily life have been temporarily disrupted or drastically altered, there are certain events that need to go on as planned. If you’ve been planning a long distance move or you already closed on your new home, you might not be able to delay this transition due to concerns about COVID-19.

Although many organizations have reopened for business, that doesn’t mean that the viral threat has dissipated. We understand how the pandemic is making virtually everything more challenging than ever — and your safety concerns are valid. Fortunately, local moving services are taking steps to ensure your move goes smoothly while keeping health risks low. Refer to the following tips to start making moving easier and safer during the coronavirus pandemic.

Limit Family Involvement

It’s easier to practice social distancing and reduce the potential risk of exposure when there are fewer people around. Although you might normally love to involve every member of your household and your extended family members in the moving process, it’s recommended that only one or two people, other than your movers, be present on the big day. Designate a point person to oversee the move and have everyone else stay out of the house while your moving company is present.

Don’t Make Contact

This should go without saying, but you should make every effort to keep your distance from your movers and anyone else outside your immediate household during your move. Stay at least six feet away from your movers at all times — and forget about greeting them with a handshake. Instead, limit contact to a wave (and make all payments, including tips, electronically if possible). It’s also advisable to wear a face mask, even if you’re keeping your distance. Since physical exertion can lead to heavy breathing, you’ll want that extra protection. It’ll also remind you not to touch your face!

Have Cleaning Supplies On-Hand

You should take care to provide soap and/or hand sanitizer in easily accessible locations that both you and your movers can use. It’s best to locate these items close to entryways. You should also keep some disinfecting sprays or wipes on-hand for doorknobs and commonly touched surfaces. Once everything is packed into the truck for your long distance move or move to a new neighborhood close by, you can pack these items into your “essentials box.” This box should be opened first upon your arrival to the new house, which will allow you to clean and disinfect properly there.

Buy New Boxes and Pack Them Yourself

Since the average U.S. household has 300,000 items inside, you’ll probably need a lot of boxes. But resist the urge to reuse old shipping boxes or to ask businesses for extras. COVID-19 can theoretically live on cardboard for up to a day and on plastic for up to a few days, so you’ll want to buy new and to take the extra step of disinfecting all packing materials before use. You should also restrict who’s in charge of packing for health reasons. Although you might love help from family members or even your moving company with packing for your long distance move, it’s safer to handle as much as you can yourself and to seal the boxes before your movers arrive. This can limit health risks and cut down on the amount of disinfecting you’ll need to do in the end.

Preparing for a long distance move (or even a cross-town move) can be stressful under the best of circumstances. But during a pandemic, it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed. By referring to these tips and talking to your moving company about the specific precautions they’re taking, you can keep your loved ones safe and experience a less hectic moving day overall.

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