Your Movers And You: The Dynamic Duo Of Cross Country Moves (Part 2)

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Part Two: The Movers

Welcome back. Did you know that approximately 63% of people have moved to a completely new community, while 37% of people have never left their hometowns? When you find a new home in a completely new place, you’re embarking on a brand new life adventure. Complete with all of its attached logistical nightmares.

Just kidding. You’re already a step ahead of the game. Per our previous post, you know what you can do to help the moving process along and you’ve left the heaviest lifting to the professionals. What do you do now? Help your movers help you.

Explicit directions

A professional moving company knows what they’re doing, that’s a given. They are not, however, mindreaders. This is a detail that some people, who’ve hired moving companies, fail to comprehend. Naturally, this leads to arguments between parties and makes the moving process infinitely more burdensome. If you have concerns about how you want your things handled, provide the moving company with outrageously explicit instructions. But, balance that with knowing if your requests are unfeasible. If they’re working with nothing, you should expect nothing beyond your things being safely moved.

Don’t hover

So, you find a new home, then spend your time directing the movers’ every step, right? Wrong. It’s not your job to micromanage the jobs of professional movers. They already know how to get that couch around a corner. “Pivot!” It might sound silly, but this is more common than you think. Let it go. Reflect on our previous post and maintain focus on your new homefront and the details that you’re immediately capable of commanding. Don’t be a helicopter parent to your movers.

Ask questions

Here’s the delicate balance between letting the professionals do their thing and giving too much direction. If you’re unsure about any details, it’s still your move with your belongings. You have to be unafraid to ask questions. Ask anything, because their expertise in the moving process is extensive. Asking them questions will put your mind at ease and you’ll probably pick up some helpful moving hacks along the way. Plus, nothing makes a long move smoother than having a good relationship with the professionals who are helping out.

You might’ve noticed that everything is still on you even though this post applies to the movers. When you find a new home, regardless of its location, you are at the helm of the process. Even when movers are hired to help with heavy lifting, it’s still all you. Now you’re ready. Don’t sweat the cross-country move, you’ve got this in the bag. Or in the box?

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