Leaving America Behind: How To Prepare For An International Move

moving out of the country

Moving isn’t uncommon for the average American; though some people spend their entire lives in the same city or town they grew up in, the average 30-year-old has already moved six times. One major change that’s occurred, however, is the accessibility of the rest of the world. Rather than packing up your life and heading across the state or country, more and more options have cropped up in nations across the globe. While the prospect of moving out of the country to join a new culture can be quite exciting, there are several things you must do before finally leaving the U.S. behind. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • Find a job first: If you’re moving within the U.S., it isn’t unheard of to just bite the bullet, use your savings, and look for employment once you’re settled. Unfortunately, that is a very risky idea if you’re moving out of the country; the change in customs and legal requirements (such as obtaining a work visa) can make finding a job even harder than it already is. Be sure to apply and get offered a position before relocating or you could end up stranded in a foreign country.
  • Consider your family’s needs: Moving internationally will change your family’s life as much as, if not more, than it has your own. Do research on schools for your children, keep communication open with your significant other about their needs and desires, and find out if your new country has any pet restrictions regarding vaccinations or quarantines.
  • Find an international moving solution: Shipping overseas can be painfully expensive due to the sheer distance involved, so you’re going to want to purge as much as you can. Once you’ve eliminated as much as possible — which might include your car depending on the circumstances — it’s time to look at moving companies. Finding a reliable long distance moving company can seem like a tall order, but it simply takes patience — hence why you should start looking as soon as you have a job secured.
  • Prepare for the culture change: No matter where you go, things will be different. Whether you need to learn a new language or simply adjust to unfamiliar tipping expectations, life will take some getting used to. As long as you embrace this new culture rather than try to resist it, you’ll adapt in no time.

Once all of the above are taken care of, your international move will be smooth and stress-free.

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