How to Make a Long Distance Move Easier

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Statistics show that American residents are the most mobile people compared to citizens living in European countries. On average, an American is likely to move 12 times in their lifetime, while a resident in European countries moves only four times.

The majority move due to work-related commitments while others want to move closer to their families. Regardless of the reason for your move, adequate preparation eases the process. Apart from hiring a long distance moving company, here are more ways to make a long distance move easier.

Maximize the Space in the Moving Van

A long distance move is expensive, hence the need to make the most of the available space. Start by decluttering before packing because carrying items that you no longer need or use only consumes space in the moving truck.

It would also help if the dressers were carried filled up with light clothing. Another effective way of making the most of the space is to pack soft items in heavy-duty trash bags. Items like duvets, dolls, and pillows provide excellent cushioning inside the truck once you start moving. Be sure to tie up the bags and tape them shut to avoid spillage.

Schedule the Move During Off-Season

Avoid moving during the peak season, i.e., during the spring and summer months. Many families with kids move during these months to avoid disrupting kids’ school schedules. The late spring and early fall make great seasons for college students planning to move too.

This means the best time for you to schedule the move is in late September towards April. Demand for a long distance moving company is lower, which means you’re more likely to enjoy lower rates. It would also help if you moved mid-month instead of at the beginning or the end of the month. Most leases begin during this period leading to high moving rates.

Purchase Moving Insurance

Many clients assume moving companies are liable for losses incurred during the move. This isn’t true. Moving companies offer limited insurance policies that cover losses up to a certain extent. As such, it’s important to purchase moving insurance separately, whether you have valuable items or not.

With these tips, your long distance move should be a breeze. Be sure to hire a reputable long distance moving company, too, without being too frugal or extravagant. Look at the value the company provides within reasonable estimates.

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