How to Declutter Before Moving


People move houses for different reasons, including the need for more space, change of lifestyle or scenery, or a new job, among other reasons. In most cases, people like relocating nearby to reduce the cost of moving items. About 40.2% of people moving from one place to another relocate less than 50 miles from their old home to their new home. If you’re planning to move to a new place, decluttering before moving is a smart move. Decluttering makes relocation easy, quick, and affordable. Here’s how to declutter before moving.

1. Declutter as Early as Possible

Don’t wait until the last minute to declutter. Decluttering on the day you’re moving or the day before will give you a lot of stress and pressure. This may prevent you from making proper decluttering choices. You might even declutter important items that you still need. To prevent this, start decluttering as soon as possible if you’re planning to move.

2. Declutter Your Storage Spaces

The first place you want to declutter is your storage space. It is important to start decluttering your storage place because most items stored in it are rarely used. This will create more space for you to store items as you move out. It would be best to start decluttering the garage and basement.

3. Create a Decluttering Plan

Creating a strong plan will help you conduct proper decluttering. The plan will allow you to determine how much time you need to declutter your items. It will also keep you in check and help you avoid any issues during the process.

4. Declutter by Category

Many people make the mistake of decluttering their house by room. Don’t do this! Gather everything in one place and declutter them by category at once. This will enable you to determine all the items you have in your house and decide what you need and what you don’t need.

5. Donate or Sell Your Items

Once you have finished decluttering your home, donate items that you don’t want to charity. You can also sell other items to your friends, neighbors, and other people. The donation will allow you to give back to the community while selling items will help you raise more money.

Using these tips to declutter will simplify your relocation from one house to another. Contact professional house movers if you need help moving your possessions or have any questions regarding relocation.

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