Headed To A New Home? Here Are 4 Moving Out Mistakes To Avoid

how to pick a moving company

Moving is a rite of passage, and one that most Americans will undergo; around 63% of people have moved to a new place at least once in their lives. While the process can be exceptionally exciting, it’s also fraught with stress. From knowing how to pick a moving company to figuring out how you’re going to pack up your entire life, the experience can easily become overwhelming. To ensure you have a smooth move, pay attention to (and avoid) these four major moving mistakes.


    1. Bringing everything you own: We collect a startling number of things over our lives. While the idea of bringing every last one of them to your new home may seem doable, the reality is that you don’t need them all. Do your best to purge and get rid of things you no longer use; donate what you can and discard the rest, and you’ll find that packing is surprisingly easy and straightforward.
    2. Waiting until the last minute: Procrastination is bad in general, but it’s worse in a moving situation. To avoid the panic of pulling all-nighters to pack before the movers arrive and you’re kicked out of your current home, get started early; stock up on moving supplies, choose a moving company, and start organizing your things.
    3. Doing everything yourself: You might think that the most affordable way to move is to rent a truck yourself and convince your friends to haul boxes. You’d be wrong; at the risk of getting into an accident, hurting yourself, or breaking your items, it’s much easier and more convenient to trust a moving service. Do your research ahead of time and you’ll be able to find local movers that you trust with both your money and your things.
    4. Forgetting to label: You’ve finally got everything stored away in its own box, and have even taken the time to make sure no box is too heavy to carry, when suddenly it hits you: you haven’t written a single thing to indicate what’s inside. Since this can make unpacking an absolute nightmare, it’s best to make a list of each item as you’re putting them in each box; number the boxes according to the list, and you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for with ease.


With these tips in hand, the hardest thing you’ll struggle with regarding your move is simply figuring out how to pick a moving company.

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