Finding The Right Shipping Container for Your Large Items

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Big items do not always mean big problems. If you are looking for large-item shipping containers for your upcoming move, don’t stress! Here are some things to consider when finding a container perfect for your larger items.

Dimensional Weight

When shipping, weight matters just as much as size. The term dimensional weight is the theoretical weight of your package. UPS and FedEx started using dimensional weight in 2015, and USPS adopted it in 2019 because shipping companies were losing money on large but extremely light items. Based on how much volumetric space your package occupies, they will calculate how much it would weigh by applying their own minimum density number. Then they will charge you for whichever is more expensive, whether that be the actual weight or dimensional weight.

Fragile Items

You might need special large-item shipping containers if your items are fragile. You will want to find a company that is careful with your items and has the right supplies to protect all of your belongings. Additionally, some shipping companies focus on the speed at which they ship things and not as much on the state the stuff is in.

Things to Do Before Shipping Large Items

You should consider shipping insurance to mitigate the risk of the possible loss or damage of your belongings. Also, ensure there is some type of tracking information and confirmation provided throughout the shipping process. This allows you to stay up to date on the location and status of your shipping.

Shipping heavy items are always going to be more complicated than shipping small and light ones. Accounting for all the different variables and fees that get added on, from weight limits to dimensional weight, can be complicated. But with the right research and the right company, you should feel assured that your belongings are safe. For more information on large-item shipping containers, contact us today.

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