Factors to Consider Before Hiring International Home Movers

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An international move is more complicated as compared to a local one. There are many aspects you have to put into consideration. When preparing for a move, you must factor in logistics, legal processes, social and cultural dynamics, and removal/relocation services. Moving from one country to another is back-breaking work, and the more help, the better.

A reliable and professional moving team does more than carrying and pack the load — it guarantees the entire process runs smoothly. Then, you will have a fun experience relocating and free time for more important things.

Seeking international moving solutions online is wearisome as there are many companies to choose from. Luckily, Delaware Moving and Storage Experts will walk through key factors to consider before hiring international home movers.

1. Recommendations and Research

Recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues are the best way to get a dependable company. The reason being, they have had first-hand experience with the movers. You can ask in detail about the quality of their services, customer service, and reputation. For instance, a friend might have had a bad ordeal with a highly-regarded moving company or a great experience with a new company that’s not well established.

If you can’t get recommendations, ensure you research online and check directories for professional moving companies near you. You will have an insight into the team before hiring them.

2. Licensing and Insurance

Anyone can get a truck, workforce, and a site and call themselves a moving company. However, only companies with licenses and insurance are qualified to relocate your home or business, whether locally or internationally.

Check all the regulations set by the Federal and State governments before hiring. Additionally, confirm if the insurance policies cover the company’s vehicles, staff, and your property in case of an accident.

You can check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site to confirm if the moving company is licensed.

3. In-home and Transparent Estimates

International home movers and commercial movers either have a fixed rate or charge per hour. Either way, you need an in-home estimate for an accurate rate. When you contact movers in Delaware, you are likely to get a quote on transparent costs only.

Professional movers will make a point of visiting your home before moving to give a quote based on your household items and furniture. An in-home estimate gives you a quote on incidental and extra costs too.

4. Services Offered

Some companies only offer relocation services. But, for an international move, you need movers that have ideal services. With reliable movers in Delaware, you will get valuation protection, packing, and storing benefits.

Your ideal international moving solution is a team that matches your needs and individuality.

Moving Company in Delaware

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, nearly 11% (35 million people) of the American population moved in 2017. Rogue and fraudulent movers are, thus, on the rise. So, how do you find professional movers near you?

Look no further than Delaware Moving and Storage, a family-owned company. The team specializes in local and international relocation, interstate and long-distance moving, commercial moving, packing, and storage services. They also give you an in-home estimate before the moving date. Call today and start planning for your big move!

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