Your Etiquette Guide for Working With Movers

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If you’re moving for the first time, or have never hired a moving company before, it can be tough to know how to behave and what to expect. Even though most average 30-year-olds have already moved six times in their lives, adults of all ages can have trouble knowing what to say and how to act around movers.

It’s always a good idea to treat movers (and anyone else) with respect, especially since movers are professionals who take pride in their work. Use the following tips for clear communication and a great relationship with moving services for a quick and easy relocation:

  1. Figure Out Parking Beforehand 

    This tip goes for both the movers and your neighbors. Be sure you have a place movers can park their truck so that it won’t be blocking driveways or risking a ticket. If you will be taking up a portion of the street at either your new home or your old one, be sure to let neighbors know of the temporary inconvenience. In addition to parking, make sure that movers can easily access the doors they’ll be using. Shovel snow and lay salt on winter steps, and clear away any clutter that might block the entryway.

  2. Pack it Right 

    Not only should you have everything packed before moving company arrives, but also remember to pack things appropriately. Make sure dresser drawers are empty, and that all boxes are sealed properly. Don’t pack heavy stuff in big boxes to prevent rips, and to be a little kinder to the people who have to lift them. Finally, consider keeping valuables like jewelry or heirlooms with you in a separate box so that movers don’t have to worry about protecting your most precious belongings.

  3. Label Your Stuff 

    Good labeling will help keep you and the movers organized. With proper labels, movers will know where you want items placed without having to ask you personally. Also label any fragile items clearly, and consider adding “this side up” statements for other breakable items.

  4. Be Present and Polite 

    Even if you can’t be there for every minute of the move, make sure that you or a family member is as present as possible so that the movers can ask questions. Consider having drinks available, and just try to be decent by always being friendly and polite.

  5. Don’t Forget to Tip

    Finally, don’t forget to tip the workers who safely transported nearly all of your belongings. Be sure to tip 5% of the total cost of the move, split between each mover, to show your gratitude for a job well done.

By following this guide, you can make your moving day a breeze. A friendly and open relationship with the moving company will help the day go smoothly for everyone, so you can move on to your next big adventure!

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