Common Moving Mistakes: How to Avoid Them in 2021

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Relocating to your new home can be both fun and tense. With the amount of planning and packing involved, it is very easy for confusion to occur. To have a smooth move, you have to know the main tasks and what mistakes to avoid. Here is a list of the top moving slip-ups that may ruin your big move.

1. Procrastination

Everyone knows that moving requires a lot of planning. It is even harder when you have a long to-do list, and you have no idea where to start. Procrastination leads to a last-minute rush and adds to your relocation stress. Furthermore, you are more likely to ignore some vital tasks, leading to avoidable failures.

Solution: Start preparations early. Come up with a check-list to ensure you accomplish every task. A check-list will help you organize your time and have a head-start on your moving errands. Relocations that happen during busy times of the year will need more planning. Remember, there is a lot of chaos and anticipation in moving – if you are not careful, you can get lost in the mayhem.

2. Failure to Hire a Moving Company

Choosing a reputable moving company is one of the hardest yet significant tasks. Most people, when moving hire a moving company a few days before the relocation day. Without proper consideration, you may pick an undependable company.

Solution: Look for the right moving company a couple of months before you move. If you have less time, do it as soon as possible. Take caution not to jump into the contract before asking the right questions. Ensure you know what their quote includes and add-on charges, look up reviews, licensing, and insurance. Remember when moving to hire a moving company with a good reputation. Otherwise, you may end up frustrated beyond words.

3. Disorganized Packing

When the movers arrive, and you have not finished packing, you will have a long day. Even with a packing team, being part of the process helps you know where your possessions are. And for easy unpacking, do not forget to label every box. It can be frustrating having to open every box to look for one item.

Solution: As you draw closer to the moving day, start packing. An inventory goes a long way as you will know what to pack first, what to donate/sell, and what you should throw out. When your moving company arrives, you will not waste time with rushed packing. You can use different colored tape when sealing moving boxes for different rooms. It helps reduce the stress of unpacking.

4. Taking Too Long to Change Your Address

A few days after settling into your new home, you may wonder why you are not receiving your mail. That is when you will realize that forgetting to update your address is not a joke! You can easily get stuck tracking down mail weeks after you relocate.

Solution: Start by identifying and setting a reminder on when to change your address. On the due date, either go to the post office and request a Mover’s Guide packet or update your address online. Finally, change your billing address and inform your bank and insurance.

There are many dos and don’ts you must follow if you plan on having an easy move. But, it’s advisable that you hire a moving company, pack in advance, organize paperwork, transfer mail, and utilities, and get insurance. Remember, when moving hire a moving company that you can trust with your most precious items.


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