7 Tips for Moving With Pets


Americans can never seem to stay in one place for very long. New Census data shows that in 2019 alone, 31 million people moved in the U.S. and nearly 10% of Americans move every year. As much as Americans might like moving, they might enjoy their pets more. With so much moving going on, that means a lot of pets are on the move. If you’re planning on moving and you have pets, these steps can make it a smooth endeavor.

Check Out Your New Surroundings

If you’re planning on moving, you want to make sure that your new surroundings are pet-friendly. Check out the neighborhood to see if it’s dog-safe, cat-safe, or other pet-safe. You should note if there are rules about having pets or letting them roam around your new digs.

Pack Your Stuff

Pets can sense when things are different. When packing up, you can make things easier by bringing in boxes early and keeping your felines and canines in pet-friendly rooms.

Keep Pets in a Friendly Space

On moving day, you can make things easier on your pet by keeping them at a friend’s house. This ensures they won’t get in the way of movers or get scared as things happen. By leaving them behind, you can come to get them and take them for a ride, which they should be excited about.

Prepare for the Move

If your pet is with you on moving day, take time to prepare. Take them on trips and use their travel crates. This will help them build a positive association with their crate and you can keep them occupied with toys and treats along the way.

Adjusting to a New Home

Before you move in, it’s important to pet-proof your home. Make sure doors and windows are secure and anything chewable like cords or books is tucked away.

Settle In

When you settle into your new home, help your pets settle in by creating a home base for them. Keep their bed, their favorite toys, and food and water bowls in that room so they have a comfortable spot to go to.

Have Patience

Over time, you can help your pet acclimate to other areas of your home. As they get comfortable, let them explore and make sure to keep doors shut. With time, they’ll gradually feel like they are running the house.

With these helpful tips, your move will go smoothly for you and your pet. Remember to have patience as they settle in and adjust, and then you can enjoy your new home.

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