6 Tips to Help You Protect Your Floors and Carpet When Moving

According to the Census Bureau, 11% of the American population relocated in 2017. Planning a move to your new home can be an exciting time for the family. However, it would be sad to damage your floors and carpets while moving out of your old home or bringing furniture into your new house. Here are six tips to help you protect your flooring when relocating.

1. Measure Your Space

Take out your tape measure beforehand and determine the size of your new house. Measure the size of your doorways, rooms, and corridors. You are more likely to scratch your floor as you try to squeeze your couch through the door. Figuring out the size of your doorways can help you plan on how to fit in any oversized furniture.

2. Use a Heavy Doormat

You wouldn’t want movers to enter your house with their shoes coated in dirt, mud, or snow. Placing a heavy doormat at the entrance can enable workers from the local moving company to wipe their shoes before entering your home.

3. Cover Your Floors

The most basic way to protect your wood flooring is to place a cover over it. You can opt for protective runners that are slip-resistant. Don’t use blankets or towels to cover the floor as these can be tripping hazards. An adhesive protective carpet or floor film is also a good alternative to prevent scratches and scuff marks.

4. Don’t Drag Furniture

A good rule of thumb is to try as much as possible to lift and carry all items into the house, avoiding any floor contact. It can be tempting to scoot the China cabinet across your floor after a long tiresome day. Sliding heavy boxes and furniture can tear up your carpets or, worse, dent your hardwood flooring.

5. Furniture Sliders and Felt Pads

You can use the last few days before the move installing felt pads under the legs and corners of your furniture. The rubber pads can prevent unsightly scratches as you place your coach on the living room floor. For heavier furniture, you can use furniture sliders that reduce friction while sliding the piece across the floor. While using sliders, it is advisable to push instead of pulling.

6. Rubber-Wheeled Dolly

A hand truck with rubber wheels can be a lifesaver for your floors. You can use the cart to bring in heavy boxes as well as furniture into your home. Ensure that you tie the boxes securely before moving them in with the dolly. It prevents the heavy objects from falling over and denting your floor.

You may need to consider floor protection as you relocate to the new house. A professional local moving company will ensure that your floors remain without blemish during the move. You can contact Delaware Moving and Storage for more information on how to protect your carpets and floors.

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