6 Must-Do Activities to Keep in Mind When Moving into a New Home

There are so many factors to consider when you are out to find a new home. The process becomes more complicated and overwhelming when you start planning the actual move. The average American relocates approximately twelve times in their life, with the average person having completed six of those moves by the time they are 30 years old. With a lot of ground to cover, it is easy to forget one of the many things you need to do before the moving day. Here is a checklist of must-do activities to make your move less of a hassle.

1. Choose a Reputable Local Moving Company

The first step to moving into your new home is to set the moving date. Approximately four to six weeks out, begin your search for moving services. Look for an experienced, licensed, and insured moving company near you. Check their availability. Get at least three different quotes, and compare them to find the right local movers.

2. Take Your New Home Measurement

Once you find a new home for your family, it is essential to determine its layout to help you plan for your move. Take out your tape measure and find the exact dimensions of each room. The blueprint enables you to determine if the furniture will fit in the spaces. You also get a basic idea of where the movers should place each box.

3. Don’t Forget to Transfer Utilities

You may need to research and arrange for utility connection in your new home approximately 2-4 weeks before. Check out the available telephone, gas, internet, electricity, phone and water companies. Ensure the utilities are ready to go and working when you move in. Remember to arrange for a final meter reading and disconnection in your current home.

4. Forward Your Mail and Change the Address

One of the most important activities to carry out after you find a new home is to change the address. You may not want your subscriptions delivered to the wrong house or have your credit card declined. Update your address information for:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance companies
  • Utilities
  • Tax companies
  • Banks and credit card companies
  • Magazines and box subscriptions

Arrange with USPS to forward your mail to the new house a week before the actual move. Besides, you should also update all friends and family with the new contact information.

5. Arrange for Move-in and Move-out Cleaners

In addition to local moving services, you may need to hire a moving cleaning company. You need to find a new home that is sparkling clean and ready for occupation. The cleaning company will organize for a deep clean before you move in your boxes. They may also help you clean your old home after you move out.

6. Have Your ‘Open-First’ box

Start your packing early enough, making an inventory of all items. Create an elaborate labeling system, indicating boxes that are fragile and require special attention. Always have an ‘open-first’ box or duffle bag with all essentials necessary for your first night. The last thing you would wish after a tiresome day of moving is to rummage through all boxes trying to find pajamas and toothbrushes.

The right organization, planning, and packing of your household items may help make moving easier. Find a new home that you love and look for a reliable moving company to help you relocate.

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