5 Tips for a Smooth Move

According to a report by the 2016 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement, roughly 11% of America’s population moved within the last year. If you’re the one making the move this year, here are five tips to help make everything go smoothly on moving day.

1. Get Organized Ahead of Time.

Generally, you’ll have 30 to 60 days to move, so whenever possible, avoid waiting until the last moment to get things done. Make a list of tasks that need to be done, counting down to the day of the move. This ensures that power, water, and other essential utilities are hooked up in your new residence before you arrive.

2. Do You Need the Help of a Moving Company?

If you decide to engage professional moving services, make certain that they’re aware of any heavy, oversized items such as pianos or refrigerators. If there are any restrictions to access like a narrow driveway or an elevator, moving companies also need to know that. If you anticipate that any furniture will need to be disassembled or reassembled, let your movers know ahead of time.

By clearly communicating with your movers ahead of time, they’ll be able to accurately estimate the total cost and moving time for you. They’ll also be better able to assess the size and type of moving van you’ll need, which is especially important if all your belongings must be moved in one trip.

3. Create an Inventory System and Label All Boxes.

Particularly when professional moving companies are involved, it’s important to have a record of all your belongings in case something is missing later.

Create a list or spreadsheet detailing the contents of each box, then assign a number to every box. That way, you only need to label each box with that number and room, making sure to label each side of the box for easy identification regardless of which way the box is facing.

Pack up “essentials boxes” for items that will be imperative to have on your moving day, such as toiletries, trash bags, light bulbs, towels, and bed linens. You may also want to include a few kitchen items like a pot, skillet, and utensils.

Store any valuables in a secure location and consider insuring any valuables or fragile items with the moving company. If a computer is being moved, make sure any crucial files are backed up.

4. Consider a Pet Sitter.

If you feel that your pet might be unduly stressed by the activity that moving day involves, think about finding a place for your furry friend to stay for the day. If you’ll be transporting your pet, make sure that they’re in a well-secured carrier.

5. Show Your Appreciation for a Job Well-Done.

Show your gratitude to whoever helped make your moving day a success, whether they’re friends, relatives, or professional movers. Offer everybody food and something cold to drink. Be sure to tip your hired movers generously as well.

Moving day is exciting, but it needn’t be chaotic. When you organize in advance, get help from friends or moving companies, properly label and take inventory of your boxes, secure your pets and valuables, and thank everyone involved, you’ll make sure that the day runs smoothly.

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