5 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Office Move

Every day, businesses are busy searching for new premises for their enterprise. According to statistics, of those using moving services, 44% are individuals, while 38% are businesses. Technological advancements and the evolving economy are some of the factors compelling businesses to shift to new locations.

If the process of moving offices is already overwhelming, moving offices over a long distance is even more complicated. In this article, we look at some of the tips for a successful long-distance office move.

1. Plan the Move to Make Things More Efficient

The move should be fast and efficient to minimize downtime that could disrupt business operations. It takes between six months and one year for an organization to complete its plan to move. There are lots of details that management will have to consider before they can approve the relocation. Planning as early as possible allows you to take advantage of better rates from commercial movers.

Long distance moving for businesses can be a stressful process. You want to ensure that everyone is involved so that the relocation goes smoothly. Make a point of informing your employees of the relocation as early as possible.

2. Designate a Coordination Crew

Once you’ve agreed on a moving plan, it is time to assign people to coordinate the process. The coordination crew will oversee the movement of equipment to the new offices. They will be responsible for evaluating inventory for the various departments in the organization.

3. Pack With Accessibility in Mind

Think about how you’ll retrieve what you need when you arrive at the new office. Some documents will need to be accessible just as you arrive at the premises. You can waste a lot of time trying to locate a file, which may increase downtime and derail business operations.

You can make retrieval easier by organizing your items in containers of different sizes. Most commercial movers can assist you with appropriate boxes for storage during your move. Markers, tape, and bubble wrap could prove to be invaluable at this time.

4. Consider a Storage Service

Sometimes businesses have to move to a new location on short notice. In such situations, the office you are relocating to may not have adequate space for storage. You may end up piling up your equipment, and there is a high risk of your items getting lost or damaged.

Commercial movers can help you organize temporary storage for your office valuables. You can opt for temperature-controlled facilities for sensitive items.

5. Pick a Long Distance Mover

You can make the relocation process easier by opting for long-distance commercial movers. Remember that a lot of things can go wrong as you move across the country. Luckily, an experienced service provider can help you plan for contingencies. They will also help you set up your new premises, which can help you get up and running in the shortest time possible.

Long-distance moving can be hectic and stressful. You need to plan early and consult your staff. Commercial movers can assist you with packing, storage, and other critical aspects of the relocation. Some can even offer international moving solutions, which are really useful when you are moving across borders.

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