4 Ways to Prevent Property Damage During a Move

Most people find moving to be hectic. Discovering that your property was damaged can leave you feeling stressed and disappointed. However, there are safety precautions you can take to reduce the risk of damages. Here are a few tips to help you keep your property safe when moving.

1. Use Quality Packing Materials

It is advisable to take time to plan long before the move. That way, you can organize packing and ensure that it is adequate for your items. Most commercial moving companies can provide the boxes, tapes, and markers for a more organized removal.

Once you get the boxes from the moving company, make a point of labeling them for easy retrieval when you arrive at your new home. Try and avoid putting all your items in one container. The fragile items ought to be marked so that extra care is taken when handling them.

2. Padding Furniture and Corners

You can place padding on parts of the furniture to avoid contact with the corners of doors and walls. The padding can be old towels and clothes. Avoid using newspapers since they only provide marginal protection for heavy items. You can also request quality padding material from your commercial moving company.

It may help to measure the width of corners and walls before you use protective padding. Some areas of your home may have different dimensions after remodeling. Measuring will allow you to determine if your coffee tables and sofas will fit through the doorway.

3. Identify Areas with High Human Traffic

During a move, there are certain areas of your home that will experience a lot of traffic. These areas can be mapped by identifying paths the movers will take and the location of your items.

You can place rugs or old clothes on the carpet along the path. Tape newspapers onto hardwood or on any other sensitive flooring to avoid damage and minimize the task of cleaning. You may also place anti slipcovers on the stairs to avoid fall hazards.

4. Hire a Commercial Moving Company

If you choose to move, you will need special tools and equipment. A toolbox with spanners and screwdrivers will be necessary for disassembly. You may also need a floor slider to move large appliances without scratching the surface. Other items you may need include a moving dolly, lifting straps, padding, and anti-slip covers.

Most homeowners do not have the equipment on hand. A professional moving service will always have these tools whenever you need to move. They make the process easier and faster.

Moving services have enough experience to understand how accidents happen and prevent them. If you choose to move on your own, you’ll need more than one person for lifting and hauling furniture onto the truck.

In Conclusion

Other than damage to property, fall hazards can occur during a move. Before making a decision, take time to consider whether you can relocate with minimal incidences. Otherwise, talk to a commercial moving company long before the removal. It will give both parties time to discuss and organize a safe and stress free move. For more information, visit our website today.

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