3 Steps Your Business Needs to Take for a Smooth Move

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Moving to a new location can seem completely overwhelming and can leave you wondering exactly where you should start. Without proper planning and preparation, the big moving day can turn into chaos.

The average American moves an astonishing 12 times throughout their life, which is a lot of opportunity for unneeded stress and anxiety. It’s important to consider the steps you need to take to get organized and help make moving your business easier. To make your job easier we’ve gathered some of the key steps you need to take when getting ready to move offices.

Research the Commercial Moving Company

Prior to hiring a commercial moving company and putting down a deposit, it is important to research commercial movers, their reviews, licenses, and insurance. It’s crucial that you only work with movers that are licensed with the United States Department of Transportation to ensure the commercial movers are credible and reliable. It’s recommended to make a checklist of important qualities and factors you want your commercial mover to meet and to fill out the list as you research more about the company.

Reserve the Moving Services in Advance

It’s recommended to reserve your moving company and moving services as soon as you finalize the details. You wouldn’t want to get everything situated to move offices only to learn that every company you wanted to hire is booked for your dates. It can be even more challenging to secure a long-distance moving company if you are unable to visit the location or speak directly with a representative, so be sure to reach out to movers quickly to discuss any questions or concerns.

Downsize Your Office Before Packing

One of the biggest (and most expensive) moving mistakes that business owners can make is not downsizing before packing up their offices. Donating old equipment, appliances, and office furniture is a great way to clear up space in your new building and eliminate boxes you will have to unpack.

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful situation when you choose a quality commercial mover to help you with the challenging aspects of moving into a new office. Delaware Moving and Storage provides quality local moving services and long distance moving services for business owners and homeowners alike. To learn more about our commercial moving services, contact Delaware Moving and Storage today.

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