2 Surprising Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

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Hiring a moving company isn’t right for everyone. Often, moving companies require strict deadlines for different parts of the moving process. Some families might not be comfortable passing their belongings into the hands of a stranger. Most prominently, one major drawback of hiring movers is the cost. Some families simply cannot afford to hire movers, who cost on average $2,300 according to moving.com.

However, before you decide against hiring local movers, remember that hiring professionals can have surprising benefits. Here are two points that might change your mind about a DIY move:


  1. Some companies actually let you pack your own things 

    One major reason some people choose to not hire local movers is that they dislike the idea of someone else packing their items. If you feel that you need to have more control over your belongings, you can work with your moving company to figure out their policy on letting customers pack themselves. Some companies even charge less if they are not expected to do this preliminary part of the job. Furthermore, you can opt to have movers only transport large items, like furniture and appliances. This way, you can keep knick-knacks safe and save money while avoiding the hassle of the big stuff. Talking to movers to find out all of your options is always a good way to make the best decision for your unique situation.

  2. Your items are protected from damage 

    Okay, this is not entirely true. A mover can still accidentally damage your belongings. However, they are professionally trained and have access to a huge variety of tools for making moves easy and accident-free. They will know the best practices for relocating your belongings without harming them. For example, moving companies may remove door frames and railings and use furniture pads so moving the couch doesn’t scratch any part of the house. Many companies also have a policy about accidents, meaning that if they do break something, they’ll pay for it. In comparison, if you drop a mirror or snap a bedpost while moving, you definitely aren’t getting your money back.

As with any big project, a little extra help can make a huge difference. While hiring long-distance or local movers might seem unnecessary and expensive, it can actually save you money in the long run. If you’ve decided against a moving company because you want more control over your budget, think about the costs you may incur if an accident happens, and remember that some companies will work with you about packing your own items to save money. After all, the average American house has 300,000 things in it. Do you want to move all of that stuff yourself?

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