How to Search for a Moving Company Near Me

moving company near me

When you try searching for something like a “moving company near me,” you never know what you’re going to get. There are lots of different moving companies out there, but it’s a mixed bag. Not all companies and movers take the job as seriously as they should or treat your valuables as carefully as they could. And let’s be honest: everything you own is valuable. If you’re moving it with you to a new place, then it’s something you definitely want to keep safe. So don’t just look for any “moving company near me.” Take the time and make the steps to find the right one.

Finding a Moving Company Near Me

Don’t get online, type “moving company near me” and just pick the first one. There are a lot of important things to consider when you’re moving, and local movers may not always be the best choice for the move you’re making. Making moving easier begins with choosing the right movers for your job. So first, think about the job you need done.

Are you moving across town, across state, across country? Estimate how far you are actually moving, in miles, because this is something the moving company will need to know. This also about the items you need to have moved. The items most commonly transported by moving companies are computers, which is about 20% of moving jobs, copiers, and other electronic office equipment. These items are going to be among the most expensive and most important that you own. That’s why the moving service you choose is so important.

Once you know our distance and have an idea of the number of items you want to move, you can start that search for a “moving company near me.” Start with a local moving company if you’re staying within your state. If not, you may wish to choose a company that’s based in the state where you’re going to move. If you’re moving just a short distance, focus on finding local moving services that are based close to your current or future home address.

After you locate several moving companies to potentially work with, go check their website. A respectable moving company will have insurance and assurances prominently displayed. They will tell you their policies and let you know whether they have bonded and insured employees. This protects your items from theft and damage, and ensures that the company will replace items or give you their value in return should something happen to any of your items. You deserve and need to have these assurances.

Looking for a Great Moving Company

Finding a company that’s close to your current or future residence is step one. Step two is narrowing that list down specifically to companies that have insurance and assurances in place to protect you and your valuables, but don’t stop there. Take one more step beyond your search for a “moving company near me.” This is the last and most essential step in the process: research them.

Look online for actual customer reviews and look at the company’s BBB rating. This will give you an idea of what actual customers have experienced with this company and what their experiences have been. When you find a moving company with high rankings and good reviews from real people, then you’ve found a great moving company. Remember that cheap movers may not always be the best possible option. Look at the services available, the location, and the reviews. When all this is in place, worry about price last. After all, what’s the total price on what your entire residence full of valuables is worth? Start with a search for a moving company near me, and end with finding the perfect movers for you.

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