Packing and Organization Tips for a Smoother Move

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In a typical year, 33% of renters will move, and as many as 40 million Americans will move in total. The global pandemic is driving more and more people to make unique moving decisions. According to a recent survey, more Americans are downsizing. Preferred houses and rentals are 282 square feet smaller than they were in 2019. Just about 33% of movers relocated to help take care of family, and 36% moved to areas with fewer COVID-19 cases. Notably, 28% transitioned to working remotely full-time, and that gave them the freedom to move where they wanted — sometimes far from work.


Wherever you decide to move and for whatever reason, it would benefit you to get organized before you do it. Follow these packing and organization tips before contacting local movers.


Pack A Box To Use Right Away


Whenever you move, there will be items that you need to use right away. Pack a box of essentials, and keep that box with you. Move it in your car. Label it clearly so that it does not end up on the moving truck. Make sure to pack extra toothbrushes, clothing, bedding, towels, toiletries, medication, paperwork, essential pet supplies, kids’ toys, and non-perishable snacks, like pretzels or trail mix.


Choose The Right Box Size


Whether you hire local movers or choose to go it alone, packing properly is always a tremendous help. To do that, pack heavy items in small boxes. Books and anything other items that are particularly hefty belong in small boxes. Save lightweight items for larger boxes. Packing this way will help ensure that your boxes do not collapse or break.


Pack Small Items The Smart Way


Some objects are so small or awkwardly shaped that no one quite knows how to pack them. Do your research when packing small, oddly shaped items. For example, it is best to leave silverware in the drawer insert and secure it using several layers of Saran wrap. Put spices in a pot and close the lid, and place any extra bolts and screws for furniture in a small, Ziploc bag and tape that bag to that piece of furniture.


Don’t Forget To Move Over Utilities


Finally, move over utilities well in advance. Contact the local post office to notify them of your new address and request mail forwarding for a few weeks after your move. Dig a little, and find out if all essential services will be more or less the same. For example, if you are moving from an apartment with an electric stove to a house with a gas stove, you may need to call ahead and set up an account with the local gas company.


Local movers work wonders, as does being prepared for your big move. Cover all the basics using these packing and moving tips.

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